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Photo: Peter Ziobrowski


Gottingen celebrates

Gottingen Street celebrates its resilience this month, at the Gottingen 250 festival, running September 11 to 14. Alteregos Café and Backpackers Host Keep reading »

Left to right: Mo Handahu, Angela Campagnoni, Lisa Drader-Murphy, Gary Markle and Tori Poynton. Photo: Steve Jess


Halifax’s fashion influencers

Meet five of the people working hard to grow this city’s fashion scene Keep reading »

“I  have a very small space where I make my ice cream—about 400 square feet,” says Ditta Kasdan, owner of Dee Dees Ice Cream on Cornwallis Street. “I just got a larger machine that makes 15 litres at a time. My old machine made nine litres.” Photos: Submitted


The big scoop

The made-local trend hits ice cream, opening up a new world of flavours Keep reading »

Danny co-owns Innovative Beverages, is an importer of fine wines and is a CAPSAC-certified sommelier. Photo: Tammy Fancy


A wine for all seasons

With crisp whites, rosé and even sangria, summer offers lighter choices for summer dishes. But don’t forget the red Keep reading »

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Atlantic Film Festival recap: Atlantic Shorts 6


At this year’s Atlantic Film Festival there were a total of 13 different shorts program, six of which fell into the Atlantic Shorts category and showcased Atlantic Canadia filmmakers. Atlantic Shorts 6 featured a variety of genres including stop-motion animation, documentary and drama. Transfer Christopher Spencer-Lowe’s short film, Transfer is the story of Ben, a transfer artist, who coverts old 8mm home movies to other formats. Using actual found footage, the character of Ben becom … Read More »


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I guess these are about Halifax the city not Halifax the vast region. Confusing eh

50 Things You Don’t Know About Halifax

Re: #13 - There are at least 15 different awards called "Governor's General Award". To be specific, the late Dr. Marie Hamilton of Beechville was awarded the Governor General's Awards in Commemoration of the Persons Case, more often known as the "Person's Award".

50 Things You Don’t Know About Halifax