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Fish hawkers in Guwahati prepare for the daily auction. Photo: Tom Peters


The Port of Halifax ties the city to India

We all have bucket-list travel destinations. India was mine. I’ve reported on Halifax’s port and shipping industry for decades. As talk grew among Keep reading »

Ramen bowl at Lot Six, on Argyle.

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Finding Halifax’s best Ramen

I drove around Halifax for a day in search of ramen noodle soup. Ramen, the fatty salt bomb, often associated with the 40-cent dry noodle packs fo Keep reading »

For Simon Thibault, learning to live alone has meant a big change in how he sees mealtime.


Table for one

Discovering the joy of dining solo Keep reading »

Danny co-owns Innovative Beverages, is an importer of fine wines and is a CAPSAC-certified sommelier. Photo: Tammy Fancy


Viva Italia

Halifax Magazine explores Italy's fabled wine regions Keep reading »

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Tips to improve your credit report


Guest blogger Leanne Salyzyn is an insolvency counselor, licensed restructuring professional and trustee in bankruptcy. Post a comment or contact her on Twitter with your personal-finance questions. In today’s world, we need credit to buy the things we desire. Rarely do you hear someone buying a home, a car or paying for a vacation with cash. Credit provides us the opportunity to fulfill our wants now instead of waiting. Credit begets credit. The better the credit history, the greater chanc … Read More »


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Janice, Shelley is what police call a "pure victim." Some people on the list of unsolved murders were involved in criminal activity and, while that doesn't justify their murder, it offers some explanation why. When a person puts themself in a risky situation, it can increase the chance of something tragic happening.

Who killed Shelley Connors?

I wish people would just read and enjoy this interesting article and stop picking on the grammar. Stop being so childish, act your age not your shoe size!!!!

50 Things You Don’t Know About Halifax