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Photo: Michelle Doucette


Bodies in Mocean

From April 30 to May 2, Mocean Dance will present Close Reach, its annual home-season production and main-stage show featuring two works. The first is Keep reading »

Photo: Jessica Emin

Food & Wine Blog

Food that looks as good as it tastes

Five easy tips for taking better food and drink photos with your phone Keep reading »



Halifax’s dining mainstays

Halifax’s favourite restaurants have been around for decades Keep reading »

Danny co-owns Innovative Beverages, is an importer of fine wines and is a CAPSAC-certified sommelier. Photo: Tammy Fancy


Straight to the source

Why are South American wines booming in popularity? Our columnist takes a trip to find out Keep reading »

From the Blog

Dietitians: Nutrition experts and health ambassadors


Editor's Note: In this new series of guest posts, with invited the dietitians from Balanced proPortions to share their expertise.  Most people today have at least heard about dietitians and nutritionists, but many people are unaware of the services they provide and how they can benefit from a consult with a dietitian. There is also a lot of confusion between the roles of nutritionists, naturopaths and dietitians in the community. In honour of Nutrition Month, I’d like to shed some light o … Read More »


A clear conundrum

Angela Mombourquette is a Halifax writer and editor. In 2012, she was awarded the George Cadogan Outstanding Columnist prize from the Canadian Community Newspapers Association. @angmombo

Halifax, you’ve been naughty. Let the collective trash shaming begin … Read More »

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